Leaderman LDM020 Test Leads Review

LDM020 Image

I picked this set of test leads up for £19.99 from ebay after my cheap Chinese pair unsurprisingly broke, I went for these in particular since you can detach the probes and put other things on which is always handy, it comes with a pair of croc clips which can grip small wires just fine.

The build quality of the test leads is rather nice, in particular the wire is a good quality silicone cable which is exactly what you want for test leads, all the parts fits together firmly and there is significant plastic overlap so you can't touch any exposed metal, although I have to say the part which plugs in to the meter is huge compared to what I usually see, still bonus points for safety I guess.

The handle is all plastic which is ok, it's not cheap Chinese plastic but I would have liked to see some rubber there, the tip comes with a plastic piece which covers all but the very end and it includes a dust cap which you'll probably lose in 5 minutes.

The specifications are quite reasonable, 1mm2 CSA with a bi-color double layer insulation so you can easily spot a split in the insulation, these are rated for up to 1000V CAT III or 600V CAT IV with the tip cover on and 1000V CAT II with the cover removed.

Overall if you need a new pair of test leads I would definitely recommend considering these.


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