Youyue 858D - Hot Air Station Review

DE-5000 LCR Meter

The Youyue 858D+ is a low cost and compact hot air station rated for up to 700W, the retail price for a genuine Youyue is about £48 or $59 (USD), the Youyue is actually in it self a clone of the Atten 858D, but unusually the Youyue version is far superior in build quality and design, this has resulted in clones appearing of the Youyue, in essence a clone of a clone (yeah it's really damn confusing), as a result you need to be careful when buying, always make sure it has a proper connector on the front and an IEC power connector on the rear, it should also use a controller with an ATMega8L otherwise you've been conned, the best place to get this is Banggood as you can be sure it's genuine.

One major reason you want the genuine version is it supports the excellent custom firmware by madworm, this increases the temperature range to 50-500c as well as makes it a lot more accurate, you will need an ATMega168 / ATMega328 and a suitable AVR programmer for this.

Having the blower built into the handpiece does make it a little bulky but it isn't too bad, my only minor complaint is the handle can get a bit hot after a while but it's not a big deal, for the price it's definitely worth getting, even if you don't work on SMD that often it has countless other uses such as shrinking heat-shrink tube, finding temperature sensitive components and of course heating up your cup of tea, since there are countless teardowns already I'm not going to bother, I will say the construction quality is acceptable but nothing amazing, at the very least the mains wiring is done to a good standard.

One final thing I almost forgot to mention is that you can get the handle and heating element quite cheaply if you need a replacement.


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