LC200A LC Meter Review

My LC200A meter arrived yesterday and so far I must say I'm quite impressed considering I paid £26 for it including UK shipping, it can be had for as low as £20 from China.

LC200A Meter

The specifications are as follows:

Capacitance Accuracy0.01pF to 1pF - 5%
1pF to 1uF - 1%
1uF to 10uF - 10%
1uF to 100mF - 5% (High Range)
Minimum Capacitance Resolution0.01pF
0.01uF (High Range)
Inductance Accuracy0.001uH to 1uH - 5%
1uH to 100mH - 1%
100mH to 1H 1% (High Range)
1H to 100H - 5% (High Range)
Minimum Inductance Resolution 0.001uH
0.001mH (High Range)

After testing it with various inductors and capacitors it seems to meet the specifications without any problem, it can be powered by 4 AA batteries, USB or an included DC power adaptor which seems to be of reasonable build quality, The measurement leads feel rather cheap but do the job however there are no SMD clips included which may or may not be a problem for you, internal construction is pretty decent with acceptable soldering, the only problem I've had so far is the power switch but that can be replaced easy enough if needed.

Overall I would highly recommend this meter, while there are other similar low cost meters around some with more features, this has the widest measurement range I've seen even compared with some very expensive meters.


Comments, ideas and criticism welcome.

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