Duratool D00672 Desoldering Station Review

Duratool desoldering station

I got this from CPC a couple of days ago after seeing an interesting teardown / review by Dave Jones of the EEVBlog, it isn't the exact same model as the one Dave reviewed but a better built version.

For those of you unfamiliar with this type of station, this tool is designed specifically for de-soldering through-hole components, is has a hollow tip and an internal vacuum pump that sucks the solder up, avoiding the need for slow and messy hand held solder suckers.

As far as performance is concerned the station provides 80W of power which makes it ideal for work on boards with large ground planes, temperature is adjustable from 160c to 480c, so far I've not needed to go above 360c for most purposes, warm up time is however a little disappointing taking around 1 to 2 minutes to reach temperature.

The only real major negative to this station is the obnoxiously loud fan in it which I will be replacing as soon as possible, but considering the price I got it for I can't really complain, the station also needs a supply of filters which are pretty cheap but in future I will probably make my own.

Overall I must say I'm very pleased with this purchase, it makes de-soldering a great deal quicker, easier and less messy, particularly if you need to de-solder DIP chips, it does however tend to remove pads so take care if you want to keep the board, an excellent addition to any workshop.


Comments, ideas and criticism welcome.

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