Melamine Foam AKA Magic Eraser Review

Melamine Foam

I recently picked up a bunch of melamine foam sponges from ebay, apparently they work great at cleaning a lot of things including consumer electronics so I decided to give them a try, I got 30 of them from a Chinese supplier for around £2 including shipping, one of the most well known brands of melamine foam sponges is Magic Eraser but these are of course ridiculously overpriced.

The sponge is a little more dense than an ordinary sponge and while soft feels slightly rough against the skin, melamine foam is actually quite abrasive which is why it works so good at cleaning things, as you use it the sponge wears away until there is practically nothing left of it, perhaps the best thing about it is that it requires no chemicals to do its job just a little water, before this to remove grease I would generally use a mild solvent like isopropyl alcohol on a rag but now I just use the sponge and a little water, which has the added bonus of working far better against sticky residue.

It's not perfect by any means, the sponges don't really last all that long but given the low cost if you buy from China I would say this is a non-issue, the sponge should be used carefully on shiny surfaces as it does leave very fine scratches, it's an abrasive after all, this generally isn't a problem since most stuff ends up with far worse scratches anyway if you're not super careful, it can eventually also remove paint if the layer is very thin, although I've used them on tablets, phones, laptops, monitors and other stuff without any problem so far.

Overall I'm very pleased with how well melamine foam works, I will certainly be buying more in future.


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